Well this man had a very very bad day and was just as unlucky as a person could be. This man thought he was going to get in and out of a bank with lots of money and get away with it(you may also know this as the act of bank robbery) but with a string of bad luck he was found out. I guess it doesn’t take much for somebody’s plan to go completely sour. I guess the old cliché here still holds true “crime doesn’t pay”.

Well he started his day off with the bank robbery. He went in with a gun and a fake grenade strapped to him. He made off with about $3,700 in cash in his getaway car. He almost got away clean but he hit someone on his getaway which drew attention to his car. So he had to ditch it and find his way home through a taxi ride, bus ride and a ride from his sister. That was his first unlucky incident.

When he finally got home he saw something he didn’t expect. His roommate was dead and it is believed that he commited suicide. After all that trouble to get back to the “saftey” of his home, he had to see his dead roommate. There must have been a lot of stress from all the crime they were doing which may have caused him to kill himself. That was the second unlucky thing that happened to him.

The third was that he called the police because he had a dead roommate. Which isn’t crazy or unlucky at first. The unlucky part is that they recognized a description of the bank robber which fit the way the guy looked. So the police naturally investigated a little bit around and they found the money in the guy’s appartment and they took him to jail. This all happened on January 29th. Now that is a fast if not the fastest bank robbery case solved ever. That was his last unlucky incident for the day on january 29th. He is supposed to be charged in mid april.



Well this next story has to one of the strangest I have ever read. A man by the name of Erik Sweet wants to get into the guniess book of world records. He won’t be eating some disgusting substance or anything like that. He will be making the worlds longest snowboard but it doesn’t end with just that. The next part is what I thought was so strange

He wants to have 10 people on the snowboard at once. Hey wait a minute that’s not so strange! Yes I agree with you, but its not just any 10 people its only jews that are allowed on the snow board. He wants to have a world record of ten jews on a snowbaord at once. I thought that was the strangest thing ever. I mean its not strange because they are Jewish, its just that he put the qualifying restriction of you have to be Jewish to even be considered to get on the snowboard. I would think the same thing if 10 christians or 10 budists were on it.

Now Erik sweet is not new to the “large amount of people on one snowbard” scene. Last year he did the same thing except with only 3 people on the board. I guess he just wanted to really outdo what he did last year. I hope that he is able to to it. It would be absolutely hilarious watching 10 people on a giant snowboard trying to go down a hill. I don’t think they will be able to ride it down a hill with all 10 stay on but if they do I will be very impressed.

I thought another thing was interesting. He was inspired to do this when he met a rabbi. He talked to the rabbi about it and the rabbi thought it sounded fun. So this is how he got into it. He wanted to bring something fun to judiasm. It is a strange way to do it but I would agree with him that it would be pretty fun. He wants to do it on april first so check it out I am sure there will be videos!



I am sure you have all seen videos of tons of people trying to cram into a small space. I have seen people get into cars, small rooms and of course the phone booth. I don’t really see the point in trying to do this. I personally don’t think it would be very fun to do this. Cramming into a small space with other people, being uncomfortable and probobly barely able to breath, those are the things I would assocciated with it and they just don’t sound any fun at all. They fit 22 people into a phone booth which is just crazy. The crazier thing is that the school records(what the hell someone recorded this?) is 24 people. They might need to get a different hobby or something because this is just a bit too strange for me.

One thing I am kind of astonished about is where they got a phone booth. I mean phone booths haven’t been around for a long long time. I don’t really think I have seen many(in day to day life) if any in my entire lifetime. If I asked a 15 year what a phone booth looked like I bet who would know what to say because they are that old. I would think it would be pretty damn hard to obtain a phonebooth. My hats off to whoever got it but I still think what they used it for is pretty dumb.

I myself would never take part in something like this. I just don’t see the point. The story mentioned that this was popular for college kids to do in the 1950’s. I just asked myself how in gods name could this be popular and nothing came to mind except for a lot of people with a lot of time on their hands. Maybe they should consider getting a harder major or something.

Police firemen?


This next story is pretty impressive in one respect and pretty stupid in another. The police set off a fire alarm to evacuate an apartment complex. One person they were trying to get out did not. This man pointed a shotgun at someone and had a toddler in the room so it was obviously a no go on barging in the room and risking the kids life. The police try to eliminate casualties and will do things to save peoples lives. So they thought of something rather clever to do. What was this clever thing you ask? Well, they dressed up as firemen to avoid a standoff and make sure that people did not get hurt when taking him out of the building. It is a good idea right? I thought so too.

What is pretty stupid is that a firefighters union was upset about this. They were mad that the police used disguises to dress up as firefighters. I don’t get why they would be mad at something that did so much good and didn’t even have any side effects. Its not going to make the firefighters look bad or anything everyone knew that it was the police in disguises. Its pretty crazy that when people can’t find a legitimate thing to fix and argue about they do something like this. They pick out something that wont be worth anyones time and just waste peoples time and money. Why not just get something constructive done with that time spent whining about what the police did to save a few lives. People these days just find anything to cry about.



What is one of the many things little kids like. I know that there are thousands of possibilities for this over ambiguous question. The answer I was looking for was people in animal suits. Ya I know, you got it first try right? Anyway, the story I found was about a guy who pretty much beat up a Scruff Mgruff guy, while he was in the suit. He was attacked by a metro bus driver in front of quite a few children. From what the story said the children were “horrified” which I have a hard time believing it was that extreme of a reaction but hey, you never know. If I was a kid an I saw that I really don’t think I would have thought much of it though. I knew those suits were pretty thick so it really wouldn’t hurt if you got punched in one.

That doesn’t escuse the man from attacking Mcgruff though. It is never right to initiate a physical fight unless you are in danger and it is the last option to protect yourself. Instigating and starting fights for no reason is just stupid. It doesn’t really resolve anything it just ticks people off more than they were before. It just causes more problems than there were before. I just don’t understand why this guy hit Mcgruff for no reason. After he did that he got onto the bus and drove off which is pretty much ridiculous. Some people just don’t know how to exercise self control these days and they get out of hand. Sometimes I really have a lot of doubt in humans when I see dumb stuff like this. He attacked him just because he thought it would be funny. I mean come on.



This next story irritates me quite a bit. When people steal from others it just really irritates me. A lot of people are not as privelaged as I am and I know that. But still, many of those people work towards making themselves better by studying or exceling in their jobs. So by saying this I am showing you that it is possible to live a nice life without stealing. Becoming educated and working hard are the two most popular and effective ways to make money and live a fulfilling happy life. Stealing is an easy way to getting rich but it also harms and hurts other people. Granted that money isnt everything, it is still needed to provide certain needs so people can live their life comfortably. This story was about a man who posed as a guard that stole 145000 dollars from a church. That made me pretty mad when he was preying on generosity from others.

It really just ticks me off when I see that people have stooped to stealing and theft. There are many alternatives that would be use instead of doing something illegle. These options may not be as instanteously rewarding like stealing. For example you steal something and then you have what you stole right away. This is opposed to getting an education and working over a period of years and getting better and better pay. When I think about it the quick easy way is “usually” the option not to take. As all of us know most things in life are not easy, but we just deal with it and get through it. It just takes patience and hard work and with those two things you can bet that you will be doing something you love and getting a decent amount of money to go along with that.

I guess what I am trying to say is that stealing may look like an easy way out but in the long run it definetly is not worth it. There are many reasons to not steal such as getting in trouble with the law, hurting others or living with a guilty conscious. It is really hard for me to comprehend why people steal and don’t better themselves by making themselves better people. Being a hard worker and getting educated to come out of poverty definetly makes that person look like a person that can overcome anything. Because that would be no easy feat. If somebody knew that you used to be in complete poverty and you turned that around you could also inspire others to do the same, that also works in the converse. If you steal you could set a bad model for others to follow. Finally my final thought is don’t steal and work hard and you will be succesful.