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Well, recently in the news a man had his bail raise from $250,000 to $1,000,000 dollars. There was one simple reason for this sharp increase in bail. Feces. To sum up the story a man flung feces at a lawyer and the jurors and a mistrial was declared.Get the full story here. When i don't think the law system can't get any worse, it does. The fact that the bail was raised doesn't bother me, its the fact that there was a mistrial. He is on trial for the charges kidnapping as well as several other charges. Delaying the trial on lets the family of the affected worry longer that a resolution, guilty or not, will not be reached.

When i hear stories like this my jaw just drops. Not only because of the complete lack of maturity by the defendant, but that he was able to "sneak" in a bag of fecies. How could a gaurd not find that as he was entering the court room? How hard can it be to spot a bag of poop. The whole incident could have been avoided if they just spotted a smelly bag of crap. One thing I just can't comprehend is how the defendant thought that this would be beneficial to him at all. It will only delay the inevitable and make him look worse in his future court dates.

Think of the lawyer who got poop smeared in his hair. That would be just the worst thing ever. You come prepared to do a service to the state by putting a "alledgedly" guilty man behind bars, and you get poop all over you. If i was him I would work so much harder to prepare for the future court date so i could put him away for the rest of his life.

This has been a dose of crazy news.

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Guy McGee said...

I plan on being a lawyer someday. Before I had read this, I had no idea at all what I would be getting into. I don't want poop thrown at me. I knew that being a lawyer was hard work, but I never expected it would be that tough. I guess I will just try to avoid defending crazy people.

But seriously, this guy is a kidnapper and who knows what else he’s in for. Why would someone with such degraded morals think it would be a slap in the lawyer’s face to throw poop at him?

That’s a good story and I like it!

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