Well sticking on the topic of the police I found another story about them. Although I don't think they did anything wrong this time. A 14 year old kid impersonated an officer and even went out on patrol. Check out the story here, its short and quick. I am not really angry at the police this time, but just mostly astonished that this could happen. I am also bewildered why a 14 year old would do something like this. Seems incredibly stupid, but it did'nt really affect much of anything.
So the kid was put on patrol after "showing up for work" at the police station dressed up as an offficer. I don' really know how you can't identify a 14 year out of a a group of grown men. I think it's kind of funny but at the same time pretty bad. The funny part is that it took 5 hours for the police to figure out that the 14 year old wasn't a police officer. He even went with a partner on patrol. That is the part I found myself laughing at.
Now the next part kind of had me worried. The fact that this kid went on patrol also wasnt funny. He did not have any formal training as a police officer. So if something were to happen, such as a gun fight or a robbery, he would find himself in a very very bad situation. The story said he was not issued a gun, which is good for onething since he is 14 and had no training, but also bad because he could find himself needing a gun, as police officers need guns from time to time.
Overall I am just pretty much astonished that a kid could pull something like this off, without being detected(atleast for 5 hours). The kid will get his just deserts when he is put on for trial, I'm sure. This kid is pretty much a moron for doing something so stupid and obvious. Kudos to the police letting a 14 year old join the force. Must be the youngest yet.
This has been a dose of crazy news.


Zebra Lady said...

All I can really say about it is WOW. I definitely don't understand how nobody noticed he was 14. The officer the kid was on patrol with probably feels really silly for working with this kid for 5 hours before noticing. I wonder why this kid would do something like that. I mean like you said, if he had gotten into a dangerous situation he could have caused a lot of trouble. This story is very disturbing because if a 14 year old can successfully impersonate an officer, I wonder how many other people are doing it.

tech_dude said...

This just goes to show how dumb some police officers are. Granted I would never have imagined a 14 year would show up ready to work at a police station, but come on. When was the last time you saw a 14 year old and thought he was old enough to hold a job at a police station? They are cops! They deal with tons of people each day! How could they not notice such a young kid?

I also believe they issued him a gun, but didn't want to say anything because it would make them look bad. If there is one thing police like doing, it's lying to make them look better than they really are.

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