Snowball Fight


This next story I am going to talk about is about students at a college getting sprayed with pepper spray because the snowball fight they got "out of control". Honestly things like this couldn't piss me off any more. Why in god's name would a policeman need to use pepper spray. When I hear stories of policemen abusing their powers I couldn't be more pissed off. Since when was a snowball a danger to someone. You can't even use the old "it will take your eye out" for a snowball. Honestly.

In the story it said "an officer chased and arrested a student after being hit in the back with a snowball". ARE YOU KIDDNING ME. Someone was arrested for throwing a snowball? What bullshit. I mean do you really need to arrest people and use pepper spray when a simple "ok move along" would be sufficient. When things like this happen it really does make me think that policemen are just focused on the wrong things. It makes them look like they are starting problems that can be avoided. They could also be a little more focused on stopping crime from happening, being on patrol making sure nothing bad is happening or something like that.

It is just hard to understand that the cops are to protect the general public when they do things like this. When they just look around and try to turn something innocent into an arrest instead of actually stopping real crime I get very infuriated. I know I sound angry and it's because I am. This story just really made me mad. Something as so trivial as a snowball was turned into a big deal. I have been hit in the face with snowballs, yes it hurts, but that goes away after 10 seconds. The cop got hit in the back which wouldn't hurt at all, what a baby. All this did is made the policemen at that campus look like they are performing police brutality. I am sure they will have a ton of flak from the media, students and parents. When you look at it, you can clearly see that it was their fault for using such extreme measures of force for a snowball fight.

This has been a dose of crazy news.


tech_dude said...

You have to understand that the officer was not really a cop; he was campus police. They really don't have anything to do around campus so they spend their time looking for any sort of trouble so they can feel like they are real a real police officer. Not a lot of things happen that require police involvement on a college campus. At least not too often. This is just a story of a bored cop looking for someone to harass.

Foozboba said...

Im going to have to agree with you on this one. That is complete bullshit what the cops did. I mean since when have kids not had fun with snow. What is the world coming to if police want to be rent-a-cops cant find anything else to do besides convict snow ball fight felons? Well who knows, maybe those involved should be convicted and put it on their perminate records or something.... So why didn't you get that job promotion honey? Well babe they checked my record... they saw that when I was 18 I had a serious snow ball fight conviction so they gave it to someone else..... GIVE ME A BREAK!

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