Well this next story has to one of the strangest I have ever read. A man by the name of Erik Sweet wants to get into the guniess book of world records. He won’t be eating some disgusting substance or anything like that. He will be making the worlds longest snowboard but it doesn’t end with just that. The next part is what I thought was so strange

He wants to have 10 people on the snowboard at once. Hey wait a minute that’s not so strange! Yes I agree with you, but its not just any 10 people its only jews that are allowed on the snow board. He wants to have a world record of ten jews on a snowbaord at once. I thought that was the strangest thing ever. I mean its not strange because they are Jewish, its just that he put the qualifying restriction of you have to be Jewish to even be considered to get on the snowboard. I would think the same thing if 10 christians or 10 budists were on it.

Now Erik sweet is not new to the “large amount of people on one snowbard” scene. Last year he did the same thing except with only 3 people on the board. I guess he just wanted to really outdo what he did last year. I hope that he is able to to it. It would be absolutely hilarious watching 10 people on a giant snowboard trying to go down a hill. I don’t think they will be able to ride it down a hill with all 10 stay on but if they do I will be very impressed.

I thought another thing was interesting. He was inspired to do this when he met a rabbi. He talked to the rabbi about it and the rabbi thought it sounded fun. So this is how he got into it. He wanted to bring something fun to judiasm. It is a strange way to do it but I would agree with him that it would be pretty fun. He wants to do it on april first so check it out I am sure there will be videos!

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onetruth said...

Wow I think that that is very interesting as well. To have just Jews on the board has never been done before though. This is ironic because one of my long time friends from high school met with me. One of the things he said is that it seems that I hang with a lot of Jews. I was a little surprised, but he was right, but anyway that would bring some fun to Judaism.

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