This next story irritates me quite a bit. When people steal from others it just really irritates me. A lot of people are not as privelaged as I am and I know that. But still, many of those people work towards making themselves better by studying or exceling in their jobs. So by saying this I am showing you that it is possible to live a nice life without stealing. Becoming educated and working hard are the two most popular and effective ways to make money and live a fulfilling happy life. Stealing is an easy way to getting rich but it also harms and hurts other people. Granted that money isnt everything, it is still needed to provide certain needs so people can live their life comfortably. This story was about a man who posed as a guard that stole 145000 dollars from a church. That made me pretty mad when he was preying on generosity from others.

It really just ticks me off when I see that people have stooped to stealing and theft. There are many alternatives that would be use instead of doing something illegle. These options may not be as instanteously rewarding like stealing. For example you steal something and then you have what you stole right away. This is opposed to getting an education and working over a period of years and getting better and better pay. When I think about it the quick easy way is “usually” the option not to take. As all of us know most things in life are not easy, but we just deal with it and get through it. It just takes patience and hard work and with those two things you can bet that you will be doing something you love and getting a decent amount of money to go along with that.

I guess what I am trying to say is that stealing may look like an easy way out but in the long run it definetly is not worth it. There are many reasons to not steal such as getting in trouble with the law, hurting others or living with a guilty conscious. It is really hard for me to comprehend why people steal and don’t better themselves by making themselves better people. Being a hard worker and getting educated to come out of poverty definetly makes that person look like a person that can overcome anything. Because that would be no easy feat. If somebody knew that you used to be in complete poverty and you turned that around you could also inspire others to do the same, that also works in the converse. If you steal you could set a bad model for others to follow. Finally my final thought is don’t steal and work hard and you will be succesful.

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