Police firemen?


This next story is pretty impressive in one respect and pretty stupid in another. The police set off a fire alarm to evacuate an apartment complex. One person they were trying to get out did not. This man pointed a shotgun at someone and had a toddler in the room so it was obviously a no go on barging in the room and risking the kids life. The police try to eliminate casualties and will do things to save peoples lives. So they thought of something rather clever to do. What was this clever thing you ask? Well, they dressed up as firemen to avoid a standoff and make sure that people did not get hurt when taking him out of the building. It is a good idea right? I thought so too.

What is pretty stupid is that a firefighters union was upset about this. They were mad that the police used disguises to dress up as firefighters. I don’t get why they would be mad at something that did so much good and didn’t even have any side effects. Its not going to make the firefighters look bad or anything everyone knew that it was the police in disguises. Its pretty crazy that when people can’t find a legitimate thing to fix and argue about they do something like this. They pick out something that wont be worth anyones time and just waste peoples time and money. Why not just get something constructive done with that time spent whining about what the police did to save a few lives. People these days just find anything to cry about.

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