What is one of the many things little kids like. I know that there are thousands of possibilities for this over ambiguous question. The answer I was looking for was people in animal suits. Ya I know, you got it first try right? Anyway, the story I found was about a guy who pretty much beat up a Scruff Mgruff guy, while he was in the suit. He was attacked by a metro bus driver in front of quite a few children. From what the story said the children were “horrified” which I have a hard time believing it was that extreme of a reaction but hey, you never know. If I was a kid an I saw that I really don’t think I would have thought much of it though. I knew those suits were pretty thick so it really wouldn’t hurt if you got punched in one.

That doesn’t escuse the man from attacking Mcgruff though. It is never right to initiate a physical fight unless you are in danger and it is the last option to protect yourself. Instigating and starting fights for no reason is just stupid. It doesn’t really resolve anything it just ticks people off more than they were before. It just causes more problems than there were before. I just don’t understand why this guy hit Mcgruff for no reason. After he did that he got onto the bus and drove off which is pretty much ridiculous. Some people just don’t know how to exercise self control these days and they get out of hand. Sometimes I really have a lot of doubt in humans when I see dumb stuff like this. He attacked him just because he thought it would be funny. I mean come on.

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