Fake Robbery


Well I’m all for a good prank but sometimes people take things a little too far. Some of the shows that are out there today are just ridiculous. Sometimes they humiliate the people and sometimes they trick them into thinking they are in danger. There is a big genre of pranks out there but I really hate seeing it when people think they are actual danger. I don’t see how they can do these things and get away with it. They shouldn’t be able to mess around with people’s minds like that and they should be punished for doing it. I can understand lighthearted pranks that won’t make people think they are in any serious danger or embarrassment but when it is taken to that extreme it gets me a bit angry because if I was in the seat of that person I would be extremely pissed off. I found a video of a prank that I thought was taken too far and you can find it here.

The video I found was about a man who put something on his face to make it look like he was

robbing the store, but he really wasn’t. He put himself in a lot of danger and I am surprised he didn’t get beaten up and shot. The most that happened to him was he got pushed out of a few stores, people ran away from him or people would call the police. The things people do these days for a minute of fame is getting out of hand. If I was in the store I probably would have beaten the man to a pulp and wouldn’t have a second thought about it. It would have been his fault for being so stupid. I am sure he is going to get hurt if he keeps doing pranks like this. That day he will most likely regret pissing all the people off in his life. If someone pulled those types of pranks on him I bet he wouldn’t be happy at all.

You have been filled in.

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