Well this man had a very very bad day and was just as unlucky as a person could be. This man thought he was going to get in and out of a bank with lots of money and get away with it(you may also know this as the act of bank robbery) but with a string of bad luck he was found out. I guess it doesn’t take much for somebody’s plan to go completely sour. I guess the old cliché here still holds true “crime doesn’t pay”.

Well he started his day off with the bank robbery. He went in with a gun and a fake grenade strapped to him. He made off with about $3,700 in cash in his getaway car. He almost got away clean but he hit someone on his getaway which drew attention to his car. So he had to ditch it and find his way home through a taxi ride, bus ride and a ride from his sister. That was his first unlucky incident.

When he finally got home he saw something he didn’t expect. His roommate was dead and it is believed that he commited suicide. After all that trouble to get back to the “saftey” of his home, he had to see his dead roommate. There must have been a lot of stress from all the crime they were doing which may have caused him to kill himself. That was the second unlucky thing that happened to him.

The third was that he called the police because he had a dead roommate. Which isn’t crazy or unlucky at first. The unlucky part is that they recognized a description of the bank robber which fit the way the guy looked. So the police naturally investigated a little bit around and they found the money in the guy’s appartment and they took him to jail. This all happened on January 29th. Now that is a fast if not the fastest bank robbery case solved ever. That was his last unlucky incident for the day on january 29th. He is supposed to be charged in mid april.


kah said...

I've never heard about this story before, but I enjoyed reading it. I think that he got what he deserved, though. If he was stupid enough to rob a bank and then call the police himself, then he should have been found out. (Not that I'm saying he shouldn't have been found out if he hadn't called the police becasue of his roomate.) If I were him and I had just robbed a bank, I'd probably get someone else to call and run away or something.

equineaddict said...

Wow, you would think someone who was going to rob a bank would be a little smarter and try to avoid all unlucky situations, but I guess not. This guy obviously did not plan this out very well. I'm glad he was caught though and sent to jail. This post was fun to read because it kept the audience's attention. Once I started reading, I wanted to hear about all the unlucky things that happened. I couldn't just stop part way through. I also thought that the points were organized very well. There were smooth transitions between each unlucky event which helped it flow smoothly.

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