Big Mistake


So I am sure many of you have heard of this story I am about to talk about. I find it extremely irresponsible and just outright wrong that a big mistake like this could happen. All of us in this class got acceptance letters from Purdue but what if they decided to send you an email saying that they no longer wanted us to go here just after being accepted. Well this happened at a different school to roughly 29,000 students. I couldn’t imagine how angry I would be if this happened to me. I mean they just screwed with people’s lives and then they just say sorry and forget about it. That’s what people usually do these days, it’s not my fault and I am going to blame someone or something else. Not many people man up and take responsibility for people that fuck up this bad.

I wouldn’t know what I would do or where I would be I wasn’t accepted to college. I guess I would probably be working, but to send someone through a totally unnecessary emotion trial just got me angry. They said it was a technical error which is possible but I don’t think that sounds plausible. I think they are just trying to cover someone’s ass. That is a gigantic mistake that needs to be corrected whether it is from a person or from a technical error. I haven’t seen anything about them trying to rework, reprogram or buying another program that will do a correct job when sending these acceptance emails out. Something significant needs to be done to the program that does these emails (if it was indeed a program and not a person).

The University of California San Diego (UCSD) should be punished or have some type of repercussion associated with this. I mean what if they got an email saying that they got a job that was double their pay, had great benefits and they worked less, then the next day they get another email basically saying piss off. They would want to sue that company for doing that to them I bet. College is an opportunity to help people adjust to the real world and have a significantly better chance to get a good job and for someone to take that away from them is really irritating. I just hope that a gigantic mistake like this never happens again because it really could have and most likely did screw up a lot of peoples lives.


trueguy said...

I agree with you, that's rediculous. We always joke around with one of my friends and tell him that he was a Purdue oops and that they hit the accept button on accident. That is a gigantica error though with 29,000 kids getting acceptance letters that shouldn't have. You think someone in their office would notice oh wait 29,000 extra kids who we are sending acceptance letters this year to. I mean 29,000 is a very very very large number.

Also you do bring up a good point that after you're told you have been accepted to a college you start planning your whole life around it, and it's just unfair to accept someone and then reject them.

kah said...

I'd never actually heard about this before I read it on your blog. But you'd think like trueguy said, that someone would notice an extra 29000 acceptance letters. Someone needs to man up and take responsibility. It's ridiculous. I don't know what I would do if this had happened to me, but I know that I would be really upset and mad about it.

bballgirl32 said...

I totally think that would be awful. I know how excited I was when I was accepted to Purdue. I know that I went and told everyone and was making plans. If they had come back with an email telling me that it was a mistake, I would be ticked.
At that point, it might be harder to get into another college or adjust your plans. If you can't get into another school for that year, that will affect your financial aid the next year.
I think they probably had a technical error, but there are consequences to this mistake.

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