Driver's Ed


This next story is about a man who let his 8 year old drive. I know many people sat in their parents lap and “drove” even though their parents were still in control as kids. This wasn’t the case in this story. The dad let his 8 year old son drive completely on his own. If a dad lets his son do that is pretty irresponsible and quite dangerous. That is only part of the story though. His dad took his “liquid medicine” as his son put it. Well, that liquid medicine was alcohol. So not only did he put his son in danger by letting him drive he got drunk and once that happened he probably thought he wasn’t responsible for his son anymore.

I’m by no means saying that people can’t drink if kids are around. They just shouldn’t get drunk. They assumed the responsibility of taking care of their kids when the child was conceived. It should really go through that dad’s mind that getting drunk when it is just him and his son around, even better if he didn’t even get drunk at all. Sometimes people just don’t think and this is an extreme case of it. A kid should not have to deal with his dad going to jail because he thought he was helping his dad. If the father goes to jail it could have serious psychological effects on the child, which would have a negative effect, if the father cleans up, on the child’s life.

That child probably is having a hard time with this. That is because he thought he was helping his dad by driving so his dad wouldn’t have to drive drunk. This is just merely a possibility since he may not know exactly what alcohol does and he referred to it as liquid medicine. I really feel sorry for the kid since he crashed the car and most likely thinks he disappointed his father. It’s just hard to think about what was going through the fathers mind when he did this.


trueguy said...

Wow, I totally agree with you. Some people just don't think about the consequences of their decisions before they make them.

Clearly this guy should have now that he will most likely be in jail, and ruin his relationship with his son. He must have really been intoxicated to think it was a good idea to have his 8-year old son drive. I really agree with you though if people are going to drink around kids they shouldn't get drunk. It sets a terrible example for children, who learn everything they know from observations.

Good find though, it was a very strange story.

equineaddict said...

Wow, I can not believe that someone would do that to not only themselves but their children. Not only is he putting both of them in danger at that present moment, but in the future as well. When a child is born those parents are responsible for setting a good example for their children. This dad is showing his kid that it is alright to not only get drunk but get drunk while in a car. I think that parents like this should definitely have their kids taken away in order to give them time to evaluate what is important in their lives. I liked how you presented this story instead of linking it and having us just read it.

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