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Well, I have another disturbing story for you. I know most kids aren’t really always the most polite and enjoyable to be around. The fact is its part of life that a kid will be annoying or will get on our nerves. There isn’t really a way to avoid it. Learning how to deal with this and cope with it is part of parenthood. Every kid has a moment in his life where he or she is a big pain in the butt, but it isn’t that hard to just set that aside and hope for the best. If you are not ready to have a kid, you shouldn’t. Now that wasn’t the story I just felt that it would be necessary to say what the responsible action would be compared to the news story I found.

That news story was about a baby being sold on EBay. To do something like this to your own child is so irresponsible and shows that these people should not have had a baby together. They live in Germany and the police took the kid away from them. Which in one respect is good, but the story did not mention if the couple got into and type of trouble with the law at all. I really hope that they are severely punished for doing this. It does irritate me that they no longer have the responsibility of the baby, but I know it is definitely for the best this way. To put a value on a person’s life is just appalling. They started the bid at about $1.50.

The kid is almost eight months old and I hope that he won’t have to know about this. His parents had such lack of respect for life, even for their own flesh and blood. I hope that he won’t have to meet his parents in his life because of their actions. I would only think that it would be harmful for him to meet them. I hope that that child will find a great family that loves him for who he is and take care of him instead of thinking of him as a piece of property.

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