Sweet Tooth


This time I am going to talk about how a teen likes to buy his or her candy. Normally he or she will go to the story and give a few dollars to a cashier for a few pieces of candy. In this case though, that wasn’t good enough. He must have had one hell of a sweet tooth. $37,000 worth of candy is quite a lot and that’s how much he baught. Who can afford that much candy? Well, he obviously couldn’t because he got a hold of an account number of some type from his old highschool. With that number he proceeded to buy $37,000 dollars worth of candy.

Well, my hat is off the this guy for trying to buy that much candy but when you do something like that you are bound to get attention drawn to yourself and found out. Which is exactly what happened. I don’t know how someone could think that it would be possible to get away with something like this. I mean he purchashed it using a school account and I’m pretty sure schools don’t spend that much on candy at one time. Another thing is he had the candy mailed to his home address. What an idiot. Do people even think about what they are doing when things like this happen? Obviously this guy didn’t really give it much though.

Well lucky for him, or not, he has two charges of felony telecommunications and his bail is posted at 30,000. This guy must have had a rough time from his teachers or something to do that to his school. I mean you would most likely have to put some serious thought and planning, not to mention stealing when he did this. He must have had a lot of guts to do this. Unfortunately have guts won’t help you in court. This kid must have had the biggest sweet tooth on the planet. I use the word must because I doubt he will be eating much candy while he is in jail.

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