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This next story I am going to talk about is about Guns and Roses, but not the band. It is about a program in South Carolina that the police put into place for Valentine ’s Day. If you trade in a gun you get a rose and a gift card to best buy. Personally I think this is a great idea to get unnecessary fire arms off the streets and into possession. I bet that this will definitely have an effect on the amount of gun violence in the area, which is a serious problem in the untied states. Not only would this reduce homicides it would also reduce suicides by reducing the chance someone with suicidal tendencies will be able to obtain a gun. There were 10.100 homicides in the United States just from guns alone, 75% of those being from handguns (which most people were turning in at the exchange. Although the United States doesn’t have the worst gun violence (south Africa) it is still one of the top 10.

They not only gave them a rose they also gave them a gift certificate to best buy. Best buy has a lot of useable equipment that can be used in everyday life while a gun only has limited uses. I believe that this is an extraordinary deal that could really help out the violence that is going on. With Gary Indiana being the murder capitol of the world or it was the last several years; I think that it would be a good idea for Indiana to do it. Gun violence is a serious problem in the United States. Unlike Europe were guns are outlawed to the general public (more knife violence in Europe though). I am really happy to see the Police Force making such strides to reduce the gun violence in the United States. I am excited to see the previous statistics of South Carolina Vs. 2009’s Statistics to see if there was a change.
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Has an issue said...

I agree with you on some of this as far as getting unregistered guns off the street I think this would work. People turning in guns that couldn’t be linked to the owner, would help to reduce the amount of crime that went unsolved. However, with the second amendment people will always have the right to bear arms, and this means purchasing them too.

I am not particularly sure that it would decrease suicide rates, as many people who have committed to such a sad event, are likely to do whatever it takes to complete their plan. However, I agree that it would decrease crime rates, as the availability of unregistered hand guns would be decreased significantly with the support of members of the community turning in these guns.

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