This next story is pretty disturbing. People get into arguments all the time and it’s not a big deal, although sometimes they escalate to physical violence. But this news story is about sometime pretty darn terrible. A man got into an argument with another man and one of them decided to cover the man in tequila. That wasn’t enough though. He took out a lighter and set the man on fire. I mean he could have been drunk but that’s no excuse for foul and terrible behavior. How heartless do you have to be to do that?

I have talked about a lot of different stories but I always find that the stories that are associated with people starting fires the most horrific. There is no point to go to such an extreme of violence. If that man can’t handle having alcohol in his system he shouldn’t be drinking. We always hear about happy drunks and violent drunks. This man would definitely be classified as a violent drunk. I don’t think many people would classify him as a happy drunk. Again, alcohol is no excuse for poor behavior, especially violent behavior. Putting people’s lives in danger over something so trivial as an argument at a party.

The man that was burned suffered from 2nd degree burns. He is in the hospital in stable condition which is good, but he will always have the scars from the burns. The man who set him on fire has the charges of assault with and possession of deadly weapons (the lighter and tequila). I am happy to see that his bail is 400,000 dollars. This means that he won’t be getting out of jail until his trial so he can’t run away from justice. It always makes me confident in the law when I see a large bail when they have a good reason (good evidence) against the person who the charges are against.

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