This next story makes me ponder about the sanity of the general public. What if one day a 19 year old decided to go off and light several houses on fire? Only to be videotaped singing about how the fire department would be angry at her. How crazy and maniacal do you have to be to do something so monstrous? Well that’s not a “what if” it’s a fact. This actually happened in real life and it was performed by some about our age. From what the story said no one was hurt, but it was a very real possibility.

I don’t know how someone could carry out an act like this. You could hurt so many people in the process men, women and children could all be injured or even killed. I don’t really know how to respond when I hear things like this because the person could be mentally disturbed. Then I think, is what was done chosen by free will or cause by some neurological disease. It really makes me think about people and if I should trust them. That is why I think people are so critical with others, they don’t know them and they are trying to protect themselves. That is just my opinion though and I am sure many people disagree with me.

Starting several fires and burning people’s homes down is just jaw dropping to me. The mind is a very complicated thing and I guess I will never truly understand how people can act like this. She has a 100,000 dollar bail and is being charged with a multitude of crimes. It is just crazy to think that someone would actually go through with something like this and end up singing about it. Like nothing had really happened or it was a lighthearted prank. I am just glad no one got hurt and she is off the streets. At least one more person that could hurt people is off the streets.

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