This topic is about a women in Korea. This is a pretty astonishing story. This woman has been trying to get her license for quite some time. How long is "quite some time" you ask? Try about 4 years with 771 non pass grades for the written exam. It must be one hard as hell test, she just doesn't really care or she honestly can't pass the test. Which it is it will still irritate me that i haven't passed it after that many attempts.

She has taken the test so many times the her costs for taking the test are now around three thousand dollars. I mean that is quite a bit of money. Even though it's spread out over about 4 years it could have been spent on something more worthwhile. If she has scored a 50 as her highest and it takes 60 to pass she should spend some time studying before taking it again. It almost sounds like she just takes it every few days and doesn't really put effort into trying to pass. It just looks like she is trying to take the test and luck out with a good score.

I am sure she will eventually pass the written test, but she will still have to pass the driving portion also. I don't really think I would want her driving on the road if she has failed the test that many times anyway. Many people have many challenges and this looks like a big challenge for her. Maybe she has a learning disability or something like that that makes it difficult to remember the rules. I would also throw out there that a lot of countries have a lot harder driver education and exams to be able to obtain a license. That being said it's still a lot of failed grades.

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bballgirl32 said...

Wow! Ok, if someone failed the test that many times, they probably have no business driving. Most of the test is common sense, what you would observe from a passenger seat. Maybe the test is harder in Korea. Maybe you are right in thinking she has a learning disability. But, even with that said, she should not be able to fail the test that many times. If I was in their government, I would feel she could be dangerous behind the wheel. But, its not up to me. I think I would eventually quit trying, though.
Where do you find these stories? They're so interesting. Good choice of an article.

Foozboba said...

Jeez that is rediculous. How can you possible fail something that many times. I agree with bballgirl32 that most of it is just common sense. It may be a little harder than ours, but seriously how hard can it get. Driving and knowing the rules of driving is like second nature to most people now. I don't think that she should ever be able to drive, cause chances are, if she passed it was just by luck. Because eventually guessing that many times you are bound to get enough right to pass.

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