The J Walk


This next story kind of confuses me a little bit and I would expect it to confuse you although I am not 100% certain. I am sure some of you have heard of this story so I will slowly lead into it to see if you This story is about a Good Samaritan. You usually expect the Samaritan to get a reward for helping someone or at least recognition for doing so. But these days that’s just not good enough anymore. We have to take their reward to the next level. What’s the next level of getting rewarded? Punishment. Yes, that’s right he pretty much got punished for helping someone. So next time you’re about to save someone’s life think about the consequences.

So ill explain what happened in a little more detail now that I have your undivided attention. This 58 year old man bus driver got out of his bus to help 2 ladies across the street. He was interested in their safety so he decided to help them. On the way across the road a pickup truck came towards them. He pushed the 2 ladies out of the way, essentially saving them, only to be left to be struck by the came full on. It was a full on strike and it sent him straight to the hospital. He is now there in intensive but stable condition.

Now that’s not the confusing part. The confusing part is what the police did. They gave him a jaywalking ticket. I mean holy crap the man is probably going to have a huge medical bill and he saved two other people. What’s the point of it? I don’t really see a point except for a douche bag trying to make a quota. Since when did you hear about tickets for jaywalking? If it was that serious then pretty much everyone at Purdue would have quite a record by now. It just amazes me when things like this happen. He saves two peoples lives at the risk of his own life and safety and he gets punished for it. Sometimes the “law” is, in my opinion, enforced to brutally and unnecessarily rough.


swim guy said...

I've had a similar situation happen to me. I had had my driver's license for 2 months when when day I started to go off the road. I tried to miss a mailbox, and anyway I spun out into the other side of the road into a ditch. The car tipped over and was in pretty bad shape. I was fine, but the car was not.

When the police arrived he wrote me a ticket for illegal lane usage because I had my accident on the worng side of the road. Oh my, to me this was ridiculous. I don't whether its the police trying to feel like they're doing something constructive or what, but it definately isn't working.

kah said...

I read about this story this morning, and I was shocked. I think that it's pretty crazy that the police gave this man a ticket AFTER he saved two lives. Not only that, but he got hit himself, and isn't in very good shape. I believe that now a days policemen are just trying to fill their quota. I recently got pulled over for some pretty obscure reason. It's ridiculous.

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