This time around I am pretty proud of how the police acted after a man had his license suspended. This man was in court for his 13th license suspension. I mean honestly after the first few you think someone would figure, if I stop doing this maybe I will stop getting punished for it. In the crazy world today though that doesn’t exactly hold up. So the real kicker to this story isn’t the fact that he has thirteen suspensions. It is the fact that he was caught about 20 minutes later driving! What an idiot. I really don’t know how someone could be this ignorant. Unfortunately for him he has a ten thousand dollar bail. He has to stay in jail until he has paid it. Just goes to show you don’t piss off a judge by breaking the sentence he just gave you in a short amount of time. I personally thought the judge was lenient with his first sentencing. I would have put him in jail because it was his 13th offense. I thought it was three strikes and you’re out, not fourteen. Just goes to show you that some people will just never listen to what other people say.

Another kicker is that this guy is what most of us would think when we hear the word pimp. Just trying to picture what this guy looked like gave me a laugh. The story said that he wore a fur coat and his license read “Pimp Plaza.” I thought the whole fur coat pimp thing was over, but apparently it isn’t. Those few pimps want an express ticket to jail! How hard is it to spot a man wearing a fur coat? All that it does is draw attention to the person wearing it. I guess I will stop there because I don’t want to get into the “science of pimps” because I am no expert.
You have just been filled in by the Gazette.

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onetruth said...

You always hear about the idiotic crimes in the news. Some people just either don't care or are just ignorant. I just read about some guy in the news paper who robed a gas station twice with a sword from star trek. I mean who does this type of stuff? Where do you even find a sword from star trek these days.

I don't know the world is turing into a crazy place wiht a lot of people following the same path. The pimp thing though, that was funny. It also shows how unserious the police are taking this guy as well since this is his fifteenth time.But then again niether his he.

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