145 year late fee


This next story is actually quite remarkable. There was a book taken from washington and lee university that has been missing for over 145 years. I personally would have just said that the book was gone and would have forgotten about it but somehow there was a record of how long it had been gone and it was finally returned.
The book was taken from the university during the civil war. It was reported stolen in the year of 1864. I couldn’t actually believe that someone had kept the knowledge that this book was taken and passed that information down from generation to generation. It is really astounding that that information survived. Its even more amazing the the book itself is actually in good condition and is still readable.145 years is a long time for a book to survive so I am pretty impressed.
The man that returned it wasn’t actually a descendant of the man that took the book. He was friends with the person that owned it and he inherited it from them. He said he had been planning on to give the book back for quite some time and he finally got fed up and talking about it just went to the library and returned it.
I am sure that he is very happy that no fines had been accrued over the 145 years of the bookes absence. If he got fined I am sure he would have quite a large fine stacked up against him but luckily that wasn’t the case. This was just an interesting little story and I thought it was pretty amazing that the book had survived all the time.

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san felix said...

At my library, I am frustrated with myself after a week of forgetting to return a few books and accumulating that fine, but 145 years? I'm sure that would be one heck of a price to pay. I think this story is pretty funny. Thanks for sharing!

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