Well this next story is pretty ridiculous when it comes to complaining. This man lives next to an elementary school, police department and an airforce training base. Now which one do you think he would file a noise citation against. I would have guessed the air force training base since jets are pretty loud. Some may even say that the police station would be pretty loud because of the constant sirens goings off. I wouldn’t really think anyone would say an elementary school.
Well hefiled the complaint against the elementary school. I thought that was pretty crazy that he would complain about that over jet engines. I don’t really think little kids could make THAT much noise to really constitute a noise complaint. I had someone like this at at my elementary school.
We had a fire station pretty much right next to my school and I wouldn’t know how you wouldn’t complain about that over a school. I mean school has recess during the day for like 2 hours or something close to that. A fire station sends out fire trucks with their sirens blaring thought the night at 1 or 2 in the morning. It really doesn’t take much to tune something out or he could even liston to music or something like that instead of sitting in his house in silence all day like a creep. I just find it kind of crazy that people complain about so much. He probobly moved to that location after that school was built anyway. So he would have known what he was going to move into.
This wasn’t the first time he filed a complaint and the school did several things to cut back on noise. They installed several sound dampening things around their school and removed loud speakers outside. Then he filed another complaint which is the one I am talking about. I don’t see how loud little kids can be I mean you have to be sitting around and just listoning for it just so you can complain. I would just like to see less news about people complaining and whining about everything.

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