This next story is a rather controvertial one. There is a play that a high school is showing and the name of the play is Rent. The story is about 2 struggling Artists that are homosexual and both have AIDS. It’s a pretty controvertial topic for a high school. I think most people would agree with that. They said that the show was going to be canceled several times but the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit that the High school was homophobic and Sexist. I don’t even know how someone can even file a lawsuit about that. The fact they can is just stupid.

This has caused a Baptist church nearby to protest and picket when the play comes out. I don’t know why people cant just keep their oppinion to themselves. I mean expressing your oppinion is ok but I mean who really is going to picket a high school play. Sometimes people just think about things a little too much and go over board. It really isn’t nessecary to start picketts and things of that nature because it’s just a high school play for crying out loud.

The group that wants to picket the play seems a little extreme a quote from the story is actually pretty disturbing "God hates (gay people) and (their) enablers; ergo, God hates Corona del Mar High School!". I mean what kind of person would just outright say something so hateful and mean. That was put up on their website so they are not trying to hide the hatred. They even go as far as going to soldiers funerals and saying that they are purposefully killed because America accepts homosexuality. This group sounds like some kind of hate group rather than a church. Really all these people did is raise awareness of this play. Now it has probobly sold more tickets because of them because of the publicity that came from news stories like this. Which pretty much makes a rainy day on their parade.

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