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This next story left me pretty amazed. We all learned how to drive a car at around 15 or 16, well most of us at least. This took some time to learn and to feel comfortable to do for most people I am sure. It took a few months of information and a few hours of actual driving to get our permit. It also took quite a bit of money to get this.

Now there is a 13 year old kid who decided it would be a good idea to run away from home. Except he didn’t run and he didn’t take anything you would think. He took his families truck, supplies and 2 horses. The horses were in a trailer attached to the truck. This was all happening in Texas just to give you a little bit more information.

The kid ran away and was eventually found. He didn’t even give an explanation for running away. Which is kind of strange a 13 year old would steal a car like that but, whatever. The thing I am mad about it that he stole a truck and drove it.

It took a great deal of time, effort and money to get my permit and to be able to legally drive. To see a 13 year old kid just go off and start driving kind of pissed me off because he hasn’t “done his time” yet and that frustrated the heck out of me. I didn’t see anything about this kid being punished or anything. I can list off several things that he did that were illegal: Grand theft auto, stealing horses and supplies, the simple fact of running away as a minor is illegal.

I want this kid to be punished in some way because what he did could get a person in jail for a very long time and to see him just walk away from that is very annoying. The law system is pretty flawed and I want it to be fixed asap.

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bballgirl32 said...

Wow. I don't think I would've ever been able to drive cross country at age thirteen. And he wasn't even punished formally? I agree with you that any other person would get in troubele for that. It seems like because kids are minors, "they don't know better". I personally think they do, but get away with stuff because of their youth.
I do have to admit he must be a good driver for making it that far. I wish I had that confidence at that age. Like you, I took some time to get acclimated with this new responsibility. Hopefully this kid receives some punishment for his actions, but continues to work on his driving skills.

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