Well im not sure if I should be inpressed or just kind of dumbfounded because of this next story. Last week I talked about a girl who had 5000 dollar texting bill. This week that doesn’t even come close to what this guy was charged. I believe that these two guys set a world record of some kind for being the biggest loser on the planet. Oh that’s right the people for sending the most texts in a month easy mistake. I don’t know why people would want to waste this much time of their lives just to say “ya I did that”. I believe they wasted an entire month of their lives to acomplish this “feat” for humanity.

The accomplishment this guy made? A $26,000 dollar bill that cost 28 dollars to ship. A bill that costs 28 dollars to ship must have been huge since it would just be paper. That’s honestly like a full computer paper package thick of paper. Just seems like that’s a little excessive even send him a bill like that. They should send him a computer disk or something instead of wasting so much paper.

When people think they have accomplished something by sending “hey” and “LOL”, they should start to rethink about where their life is going. It just seems like people waste to much time with things like this. I can’t believe that someone would waste an entire month just to do that. The way to accomplish 140,000 and 70,000 each for these 2 guys is to basically text nonstop for a month . It would get pretty annoying when this guy sends me like 300 hello texts in a day. It would just most likely piss people off that are in his phone because they would have got hundreds and hundreds of worthless messages. Personally I think these guys should evaluate their lives and see if that’s what they want to do and waste their lives like that. Final thing I will say is take everything in moderation.


ppl_person_456 said...

This is entirely pathetic. I find it ridiculous when people tell me they have sent 10,000 text messages in a month, let alone 140,000 and 70,000. These people obviously have no lives because any normal person does not have time to send such a quantity of texts. Normal people have jobs or homework and discover there is not enough time in a day to waste on such and meaningless act.

Scoobert I also agree, I think I would have gone crazy if i text as much as they did. Your phone would have to constantly be on a charger constantly in order to work throughout an entire day. And having my phone go off constantly would drive me crazy.

Play Vivace said...

Really? I don't understand how people can be so obsessed with sending text messages. My roommate used to be so obsessed with it that all I'd hear when trying to sleep was the clicking of her phone keys. My little cousin who's fifteen is racking up 5000-6000 texts a month. It's ridiculous. I mean I send text messages too, but not to excess. I think during the five months I've had my current my phone I've sent 5000-6000. :/

Has an issue said...

Hahahahahaha, after reading this, that is all I can say. Seriously, where are we going when people do things like this. I guess its their idea of a personal economic stimulus plan to the phone companies, ha. Once in middle school, I managed to get a phone bill of 100 bucks for using three way calling to prank phone call people, but I can ‘t imagine anything in the thousands, 100 bucks is trivial to that. Hopefully the poor souls who did this obtaining a life changing smack in the face by something, anything really, so that they become more contributing members of society.

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