Knock Knock


Well this next story is a little weird and kind of cruel to an animal, even though I am not to fond of this animal anyway. There has been several controvertial topics in the newspaper in sydney australia. This is what people believe to be why someone would make a threat to the newspaper company. The company found itself with a live shark on its front doorstep as a threat. No one has found out anything on the case and the police are stumped because they have no leads on who might have done this. A good side to this is that the shark was relatively small and it was released back into the ocean. I do have to say that is the wierdest threat I have ever seen. What happened to the good old days where they had bomb threats and things like that. Just kidding!

I don’t really see the point they were trying to make by placing a shark on their front door porch area. I mean when someone sees a shark out of water I doubt that they will be too scared or intimidated by it since it would barely be able to move at all. If there was a shark on my front porch I most likely wouldn’t think “o my someone is threatening me” or anything like that. I don’t really find this to be an effective way to threaten anyone. I mean all someone has to do is grab the thing by its tail and put it in a bucket. I will give them quite a bit of credit for innovation though it is probobly the first time that it has been done . It might have been a lighthearted prank or something not too serious. Lets just hope they don’t keep bringing bigger and bigger sharks to the newspapers factory.

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