Well I found this story quite amusing. It’s about a new set of trading card a company is coming out with. I know that there are many trading cards out there and some are popular and some are not. The next “series” they are coming out with is the "world's biggest hoaxes, hoodwinks and bamboozles." I don’t really see people buying any of this or it being popular one bit. I just don’t think people want to be reminded of how many ass holes there are in the world. With the economy the way it is, I don’t think people are going to spend their hard earned money to look at a bunch of douche bags on a trading card. The cards are supposed to have people that cost billions of dollars in the market and things like that.

Sometimes I don’t know where people get business ideas like this but hey, I can’t count it out yet because they haven’t come out yet. Only time will tell to see if they are popular I personally hope people won’t waste their money on it but I can’t stop people from buying them. Who knows they could be the new Pokémon card craze. I have to admit back in the day I did enjoy Pokémon battles and all that jazz, so who is to say that these cards won’t be a hit. Again, I can’t really imagine people saying trade you a Madoff card for your Ponzi card. I am sure they will be collectables, not really “tradables”

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Foozboba said...

Ha thats kind of funny! I agree that these cards will not be a big hit. Unless it is just for the fact that they are so stupid that they are funny enough for people to waste their money on.
To be honest I never really got into th whole trading card thing like Pokemon and what not. Actually I never really saw the point in Pokemon. I did however collect baseball cards as a little kid and I still have them today. And have yet to organize them by team like I once wanted to when I was, oh say about 10 years old. Trading cards are a bit of a waste of money any how, just a fad that dies out as you get older.

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