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I found this story the other day and I thought it was pretty interesting and, naturally, weird. We all get haircuts. Some go to salons some go to great clips and place like that. For the people that want high class and a fun environment head on down to the barber shop. Why you ask? They might be able to server booze to you while you get the long needed hair cut, open blade shave or just a small trim. That’s right you heard it right here, barbershop booze. Like always there is some type of law or regulation that is going to benefit the government, such as a license to server alcohol specifically in a barbershop. They just have to have their hand in everyone’s cookie jar don’t they. Well, that’s life governments have been screwing people over with their money for a long long time.

I am not against them serving alcohol or anything like that as long as it is in moderation (open blade shave on a drunk person is probably not a good idea). When I found this story I was just wondering why people care if they serve one beer or a glass of wine to their customers. Sometimes (pretty much all the time) I just think that the law is focused on things that are just not necessary or important. I really don’t think one beer is going to cause any harm to anyone. Like I said as long as they limit consumption, it should be fine because there is no harm that can come out of it. I mean I personally would not like to have drink while I am getting a haircut because I would want hair to get in it because that would just be nasty but some people are more careful than I am and won’t get hair in theirs so why not just let them have it?

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Has an issue said...

Haha, I found this post particularly funny. I think it would be an interesting visit to the barber and have a scotch on the rocks or a nice drink while getting the needed hair cut. I think that in moderation, there should be no problems with salons having the capability to cater to their clients wishes and demands. This could definitely increase their productivity. In a time of economic decline, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. I thought this was a funny topic and a good post!

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