Angry Dad


Well this story was pretty much the most worthless thing I have ever seen. I cant believe someone would actually publish this extremely boring poorly written piece of crap on the internet I really just wish people would actually look at what they have written and if its like 50 words, on a news site, and has the grammar and complexity of a two year old, they should probobly just think to themselves for a second or two and not publish it. I really suggest you read the story to learn to never read anything like it ever again.

The story is about a dad who was angry. He was angry because of his daughter that racked up 5 grand in texting bills for one month. Anyone would be angry over that. Here is the kicked though! He was so angry he broke her phone and now she is grounded. I know the story is just captivating and just snags your attention. Well atleast the daughter got punished.

She is now grounded to the end of the school year. This story was written a month or so ago so it is quite a bit of time to be grounded for but if you lose 5000 dollars I think there is perfect merit for that. I think she has learned her lesson because they gave us a inspiring quote from her, “ I felt really bad”. The quote just oozes with passion and sorrow don’t you think?

What I am trying to get across is that whoever wrote this should just stop. They really don’t have much to talk about if I can write more about the story they wrote about in less than a page. I just hope if this person writes another story they put a little more content into it instead of giving a quote like “I felt really bad”. That just isnt going to grab or maintain anyones attention. Much like this article I am writing. If you comment on this write the word scoot in your comment so I can see if you actually read this.


trueguy said...

Wow, I agree with you whoever decided to publish this story had a terrible, no good story. I don't think it should have been published. Also the "I felt really bad" is a terrible quote from an interview, of course she felt really bad.

Also, how the hell is this girl racking up a five grand phone bill? That is a lot of texting, I've gone over on my texting by about 1000 texts in one month and it only costed around 20$. Clearly this young lady has a different plan, or is a mad crazy texter.

I think the father should go to a different way of getting out his anger too. He should make her work everyday after school until she makes $5,000 and then take it away from her so then she understands how much money that really is.


Sally Sue said...

I really like what trueguy said about making her work to earn the money then take it away from her, she would really learn her lesson!

I also can not believe a person could go over $5000, I think maybe the dad exagerated this a bit, that would be pretty hard to do. Although maybe she she has a reason for it, of course there is no good reason to add $5000 to a phone bill.

And when it comes to the dad posting his story on the internet, he should probably find a reason for post it. For all we know, maybe he is in eng 106 working on a blog too and has to write two post a week and ran out of could be possible!

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