This next story is a little strange. I don’t really know why people care about a lot of things because sometimes it just seems a little overboard sometimes. The story is about people don’t want the Google car that maps out streets and takes pictures so people know where they are going. To me that sounds like a novel idea and a very helpful utility for people that are not familiar with new areas of driving.
I mean I have trouble driving in new areas I am not familiar with and I am sure a lot of people are like me. Once I drive in the area a few ill have a good knowledge of the area. I would love to have this feature so I could know where I am going before I get there.
The part of this story that I think is strange is that the people in the neighborhood went outside and formed a human wall so the Google photography car could not pass. An eye witness said he was enraged and angry when he saw the car. He was angry that it was taking pictures without his consent.
I mean if people want to get pictures they should get consent of everyone that was in the background and all the owners of the buildings within the picture, Right? Ya that just doesn’t make too much sense to me either because that is pretty much what he is saying. I would agree with him if they could see inside the home and things like that but that isn’t the case.
I am usually a care free person and this wouldn’t anger me at all. I just don’t see how this is an invasion of privacy. Now a days I think people say they have too many “rights” and privileges. It has turned a good part of America into whiney babies that want to be pampered and have whatever they say be fact. The fact is though that people are bending the constitutional rights into their own very needy “rights” so they can have their way. Just like a little child. The only reasonable disagreement with this technology would it would provide burglars the ability to scope a house out without being there.

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trueguy said...

I agree with you it's weird how people think they just have all these powers. If someone was just walking by and said well I'd like to take a picture of your house not very many people would care as long as every single other house is also getting photographed I don't think it is very much of an invasion of privacy.

A person can just drive down the street and look around which is the same thing as what Google is trying to do.

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