Well usually I report about how stupid news is. I will still be reporting on a news story but this time it wont be necessarily be about the story itself. You may ask how are you going to do that. So, please allow me to explain. I found a story so absurdly stupid I don’t know why someone would write about it. For that reason I am writing about this story.

Now to let you understand why I hold the position I have on this I will enlighten you with the story. A time capsule was buried in 1981 by elementary kids. They are now all grown up and want to open the time capsule. The school can’t find the time capsule. Grown up children are now angry. That is the story in a nutshell.

Can you see why someone would write about this story? I mean it is so emotionally attaching and well, if I do say so myself, interesting! Well, I don’t see that either and it just amazes me someone would actually spend the time to investigate this story and waste people’s lives by posting it on the internet and god forbid it from being published in print.

I don’t really see the point to this story because I am sure that pretty much every other class doesn’t have their time capsule either and I bet they don’t care or have forgotten about it. It had smurf dolls and baseball cards in it though! Well, you’re a grown up now and I don’t think you need the comfort or friendship of a smurf to make you feel good anymore unless you have serious socializing problems. Some people just amaze me by complaining all the time and the reasons they complain are just dumb. What’s even more amazing is that someone took the time to write about that story. What’s even worse is by me writing this blog more people’s minds will be rotted by the filth.

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