Well im not sure if I should be inpressed or just kind of dumbfounded because of this next story. Last week I talked about a girl who had 5000 dollar texting bill. This week that doesn’t even come close to what this guy was charged. I believe that these two guys set a world record of some kind for being the biggest loser on the planet. Oh that’s right the people for sending the most texts in a month easy mistake. I don’t know why people would want to waste this much time of their lives just to say “ya I did that”. I believe they wasted an entire month of their lives to acomplish this “feat” for humanity.

The accomplishment this guy made? A $26,000 dollar bill that cost 28 dollars to ship. A bill that costs 28 dollars to ship must have been huge since it would just be paper. That’s honestly like a full computer paper package thick of paper. Just seems like that’s a little excessive even send him a bill like that. They should send him a computer disk or something instead of wasting so much paper.

When people think they have accomplished something by sending “hey” and “LOL”, they should start to rethink about where their life is going. It just seems like people waste to much time with things like this. I can’t believe that someone would waste an entire month just to do that. The way to accomplish 140,000 and 70,000 each for these 2 guys is to basically text nonstop for a month . It would get pretty annoying when this guy sends me like 300 hello texts in a day. It would just most likely piss people off that are in his phone because they would have got hundreds and hundreds of worthless messages. Personally I think these guys should evaluate their lives and see if that’s what they want to do and waste their lives like that. Final thing I will say is take everything in moderation.



This next story is a rather controvertial one. There is a play that a high school is showing and the name of the play is Rent. The story is about 2 struggling Artists that are homosexual and both have AIDS. It’s a pretty controvertial topic for a high school. I think most people would agree with that. They said that the show was going to be canceled several times but the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit that the High school was homophobic and Sexist. I don’t even know how someone can even file a lawsuit about that. The fact they can is just stupid.

This has caused a Baptist church nearby to protest and picket when the play comes out. I don’t know why people cant just keep their oppinion to themselves. I mean expressing your oppinion is ok but I mean who really is going to picket a high school play. Sometimes people just think about things a little too much and go over board. It really isn’t nessecary to start picketts and things of that nature because it’s just a high school play for crying out loud.

The group that wants to picket the play seems a little extreme a quote from the story is actually pretty disturbing "God hates (gay people) and (their) enablers; ergo, God hates Corona del Mar High School!". I mean what kind of person would just outright say something so hateful and mean. That was put up on their website so they are not trying to hide the hatred. They even go as far as going to soldiers funerals and saying that they are purposefully killed because America accepts homosexuality. This group sounds like some kind of hate group rather than a church. Really all these people did is raise awareness of this play. Now it has probobly sold more tickets because of them because of the publicity that came from news stories like this. Which pretty much makes a rainy day on their parade.

Knock Knock


Well this next story is a little weird and kind of cruel to an animal, even though I am not to fond of this animal anyway. There has been several controvertial topics in the newspaper in sydney australia. This is what people believe to be why someone would make a threat to the newspaper company. The company found itself with a live shark on its front doorstep as a threat. No one has found out anything on the case and the police are stumped because they have no leads on who might have done this. A good side to this is that the shark was relatively small and it was released back into the ocean. I do have to say that is the wierdest threat I have ever seen. What happened to the good old days where they had bomb threats and things like that. Just kidding!

I don’t really see the point they were trying to make by placing a shark on their front door porch area. I mean when someone sees a shark out of water I doubt that they will be too scared or intimidated by it since it would barely be able to move at all. If there was a shark on my front porch I most likely wouldn’t think “o my someone is threatening me” or anything like that. I don’t really find this to be an effective way to threaten anyone. I mean all someone has to do is grab the thing by its tail and put it in a bucket. I will give them quite a bit of credit for innovation though it is probobly the first time that it has been done . It might have been a lighthearted prank or something not too serious. Lets just hope they don’t keep bringing bigger and bigger sharks to the newspapers factory.

145 year late fee


This next story is actually quite remarkable. There was a book taken from washington and lee university that has been missing for over 145 years. I personally would have just said that the book was gone and would have forgotten about it but somehow there was a record of how long it had been gone and it was finally returned.
The book was taken from the university during the civil war. It was reported stolen in the year of 1864. I couldn’t actually believe that someone had kept the knowledge that this book was taken and passed that information down from generation to generation. It is really astounding that that information survived. Its even more amazing the the book itself is actually in good condition and is still readable.145 years is a long time for a book to survive so I am pretty impressed.
The man that returned it wasn’t actually a descendant of the man that took the book. He was friends with the person that owned it and he inherited it from them. He said he had been planning on to give the book back for quite some time and he finally got fed up and talking about it just went to the library and returned it.
I am sure that he is very happy that no fines had been accrued over the 145 years of the bookes absence. If he got fined I am sure he would have quite a large fine stacked up against him but luckily that wasn’t the case. This was just an interesting little story and I thought it was pretty amazing that the book had survived all the time.

Angry Dad


Well this story was pretty much the most worthless thing I have ever seen. I cant believe someone would actually publish this extremely boring poorly written piece of crap on the internet I really just wish people would actually look at what they have written and if its like 50 words, on a news site, and has the grammar and complexity of a two year old, they should probobly just think to themselves for a second or two and not publish it. I really suggest you read the story to learn to never read anything like it ever again.

The story is about a dad who was angry. He was angry because of his daughter that racked up 5 grand in texting bills for one month. Anyone would be angry over that. Here is the kicked though! He was so angry he broke her phone and now she is grounded. I know the story is just captivating and just snags your attention. Well atleast the daughter got punished.

She is now grounded to the end of the school year. This story was written a month or so ago so it is quite a bit of time to be grounded for but if you lose 5000 dollars I think there is perfect merit for that. I think she has learned her lesson because they gave us a inspiring quote from her, “ I felt really bad”. The quote just oozes with passion and sorrow don’t you think?

What I am trying to get across is that whoever wrote this should just stop. They really don’t have much to talk about if I can write more about the story they wrote about in less than a page. I just hope if this person writes another story they put a little more content into it instead of giving a quote like “I felt really bad”. That just isnt going to grab or maintain anyones attention. Much like this article I am writing. If you comment on this write the word scoot in your comment so I can see if you actually read this.



Well this next story is pretty ridiculous when it comes to complaining. This man lives next to an elementary school, police department and an airforce training base. Now which one do you think he would file a noise citation against. I would have guessed the air force training base since jets are pretty loud. Some may even say that the police station would be pretty loud because of the constant sirens goings off. I wouldn’t really think anyone would say an elementary school.
Well hefiled the complaint against the elementary school. I thought that was pretty crazy that he would complain about that over jet engines. I don’t really think little kids could make THAT much noise to really constitute a noise complaint. I had someone like this at at my elementary school.
We had a fire station pretty much right next to my school and I wouldn’t know how you wouldn’t complain about that over a school. I mean school has recess during the day for like 2 hours or something close to that. A fire station sends out fire trucks with their sirens blaring thought the night at 1 or 2 in the morning. It really doesn’t take much to tune something out or he could even liston to music or something like that instead of sitting in his house in silence all day like a creep. I just find it kind of crazy that people complain about so much. He probobly moved to that location after that school was built anyway. So he would have known what he was going to move into.
This wasn’t the first time he filed a complaint and the school did several things to cut back on noise. They installed several sound dampening things around their school and removed loud speakers outside. Then he filed another complaint which is the one I am talking about. I don’t see how loud little kids can be I mean you have to be sitting around and just listoning for it just so you can complain. I would just like to see less news about people complaining and whining about everything.

Weve got a runner


This next story left me pretty amazed. We all learned how to drive a car at around 15 or 16, well most of us at least. This took some time to learn and to feel comfortable to do for most people I am sure. It took a few months of information and a few hours of actual driving to get our permit. It also took quite a bit of money to get this.

Now there is a 13 year old kid who decided it would be a good idea to run away from home. Except he didn’t run and he didn’t take anything you would think. He took his families truck, supplies and 2 horses. The horses were in a trailer attached to the truck. This was all happening in Texas just to give you a little bit more information.

The kid ran away and was eventually found. He didn’t even give an explanation for running away. Which is kind of strange a 13 year old would steal a car like that but, whatever. The thing I am mad about it that he stole a truck and drove it.

It took a great deal of time, effort and money to get my permit and to be able to legally drive. To see a 13 year old kid just go off and start driving kind of pissed me off because he hasn’t “done his time” yet and that frustrated the heck out of me. I didn’t see anything about this kid being punished or anything. I can list off several things that he did that were illegal: Grand theft auto, stealing horses and supplies, the simple fact of running away as a minor is illegal.

I want this kid to be punished in some way because what he did could get a person in jail for a very long time and to see him just walk away from that is very annoying. The law system is pretty flawed and I want it to be fixed asap.



Well usually I report about how stupid news is. I will still be reporting on a news story but this time it wont be necessarily be about the story itself. You may ask how are you going to do that. So, please allow me to explain. I found a story so absurdly stupid I don’t know why someone would write about it. For that reason I am writing about this story.

Now to let you understand why I hold the position I have on this I will enlighten you with the story. A time capsule was buried in 1981 by elementary kids. They are now all grown up and want to open the time capsule. The school can’t find the time capsule. Grown up children are now angry. That is the story in a nutshell.

Can you see why someone would write about this story? I mean it is so emotionally attaching and well, if I do say so myself, interesting! Well, I don’t see that either and it just amazes me someone would actually spend the time to investigate this story and waste people’s lives by posting it on the internet and god forbid it from being published in print.

I don’t really see the point to this story because I am sure that pretty much every other class doesn’t have their time capsule either and I bet they don’t care or have forgotten about it. It had smurf dolls and baseball cards in it though! Well, you’re a grown up now and I don’t think you need the comfort or friendship of a smurf to make you feel good anymore unless you have serious socializing problems. Some people just amaze me by complaining all the time and the reasons they complain are just dumb. What’s even more amazing is that someone took the time to write about that story. What’s even worse is by me writing this blog more people’s minds will be rotted by the filth.



This next story is a little strange. I don’t really know why people care about a lot of things because sometimes it just seems a little overboard sometimes. The story is about people don’t want the Google car that maps out streets and takes pictures so people know where they are going. To me that sounds like a novel idea and a very helpful utility for people that are not familiar with new areas of driving.
I mean I have trouble driving in new areas I am not familiar with and I am sure a lot of people are like me. Once I drive in the area a few ill have a good knowledge of the area. I would love to have this feature so I could know where I am going before I get there.
The part of this story that I think is strange is that the people in the neighborhood went outside and formed a human wall so the Google photography car could not pass. An eye witness said he was enraged and angry when he saw the car. He was angry that it was taking pictures without his consent.
I mean if people want to get pictures they should get consent of everyone that was in the background and all the owners of the buildings within the picture, Right? Ya that just doesn’t make too much sense to me either because that is pretty much what he is saying. I would agree with him if they could see inside the home and things like that but that isn’t the case.
I am usually a care free person and this wouldn’t anger me at all. I just don’t see how this is an invasion of privacy. Now a days I think people say they have too many “rights” and privileges. It has turned a good part of America into whiney babies that want to be pampered and have whatever they say be fact. The fact is though that people are bending the constitutional rights into their own very needy “rights” so they can have their way. Just like a little child. The only reasonable disagreement with this technology would it would provide burglars the ability to scope a house out without being there.



Well I found this story quite amusing. It’s about a new set of trading card a company is coming out with. I know that there are many trading cards out there and some are popular and some are not. The next “series” they are coming out with is the "world's biggest hoaxes, hoodwinks and bamboozles." I don’t really see people buying any of this or it being popular one bit. I just don’t think people want to be reminded of how many ass holes there are in the world. With the economy the way it is, I don’t think people are going to spend their hard earned money to look at a bunch of douche bags on a trading card. The cards are supposed to have people that cost billions of dollars in the market and things like that.

Sometimes I don’t know where people get business ideas like this but hey, I can’t count it out yet because they haven’t come out yet. Only time will tell to see if they are popular I personally hope people won’t waste their money on it but I can’t stop people from buying them. Who knows they could be the new Pokémon card craze. I have to admit back in the day I did enjoy Pokémon battles and all that jazz, so who is to say that these cards won’t be a hit. Again, I can’t really imagine people saying trade you a Madoff card for your Ponzi card. I am sure they will be collectables, not really “tradables”

BarberShop Booze


I found this story the other day and I thought it was pretty interesting and, naturally, weird. We all get haircuts. Some go to salons some go to great clips and place like that. For the people that want high class and a fun environment head on down to the barber shop. Why you ask? They might be able to server booze to you while you get the long needed hair cut, open blade shave or just a small trim. That’s right you heard it right here, barbershop booze. Like always there is some type of law or regulation that is going to benefit the government, such as a license to server alcohol specifically in a barbershop. They just have to have their hand in everyone’s cookie jar don’t they. Well, that’s life governments have been screwing people over with their money for a long long time.

I am not against them serving alcohol or anything like that as long as it is in moderation (open blade shave on a drunk person is probably not a good idea). When I found this story I was just wondering why people care if they serve one beer or a glass of wine to their customers. Sometimes (pretty much all the time) I just think that the law is focused on things that are just not necessary or important. I really don’t think one beer is going to cause any harm to anyone. Like I said as long as they limit consumption, it should be fine because there is no harm that can come out of it. I mean I personally would not like to have drink while I am getting a haircut because I would want hair to get in it because that would just be nasty but some people are more careful than I am and won’t get hair in theirs so why not just let them have it?

Big Mistake


So I am sure many of you have heard of this story I am about to talk about. I find it extremely irresponsible and just outright wrong that a big mistake like this could happen. All of us in this class got acceptance letters from Purdue but what if they decided to send you an email saying that they no longer wanted us to go here just after being accepted. Well this happened at a different school to roughly 29,000 students. I couldn’t imagine how angry I would be if this happened to me. I mean they just screwed with people’s lives and then they just say sorry and forget about it. That’s what people usually do these days, it’s not my fault and I am going to blame someone or something else. Not many people man up and take responsibility for people that fuck up this bad.

I wouldn’t know what I would do or where I would be I wasn’t accepted to college. I guess I would probably be working, but to send someone through a totally unnecessary emotion trial just got me angry. They said it was a technical error which is possible but I don’t think that sounds plausible. I think they are just trying to cover someone’s ass. That is a gigantic mistake that needs to be corrected whether it is from a person or from a technical error. I haven’t seen anything about them trying to rework, reprogram or buying another program that will do a correct job when sending these acceptance emails out. Something significant needs to be done to the program that does these emails (if it was indeed a program and not a person).

The University of California San Diego (UCSD) should be punished or have some type of repercussion associated with this. I mean what if they got an email saying that they got a job that was double their pay, had great benefits and they worked less, then the next day they get another email basically saying piss off. They would want to sue that company for doing that to them I bet. College is an opportunity to help people adjust to the real world and have a significantly better chance to get a good job and for someone to take that away from them is really irritating. I just hope that a gigantic mistake like this never happens again because it really could have and most likely did screw up a lot of peoples lives.